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Crinkle Crêpe

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 Hand-sewn and dyed silk ribbon from...

Hand-sewn and dyed silk ribbon from Crinkle Georgette with a width of approx. 2cm for the creation of bracelets, necklaces or other creative ideas.

The ribbon is made from a fine double-layer Crinkle Georgette with 100% silk thread and a tight stitch so that it stays in shape and does not stretch. The ends are tapered and hemmed. The protruding silk sewing thread makes it easy to thread beads or other decorative materials. A beautiful, delicate, very voluminous silk ribbon with an irregular (crinkle) look due to the two-ply weave.

  • Length: approx. 1m
  • Width: approx. 2cm
  • Material: silk, Crêpe Georgette (crinkle)
  • Manufacture: hand-sewn, then dyed with steam fixable silk dye

Each ribbon is a unique piece, the colors can vary slightly between individual batches as only a few ribbons are dyed at once. The tape ends can be knotted or glued into clasps, combined with other materials. There are no limits to your imagination.

Made in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.